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Localization & multi language

Online Voices are specialized in helping international brands adapt and localize their audio content for all their markets.

Co-producing with one partner instead of many ensures time and cost efficiency while maintaining quality control for the HQ. Having built one of the very best voicebanks in the world, we can cast and record fantastic voice talents in any language.

Some clients ask us to cast and record voice overs while others want us to include sound design, translations, graphics, and a full mix. Our staff is powered by great systems and routines making it easy for you to get fast and clear service.

Portraying the same message in different languages can sometimes be a challenge. What takes one language 10 words to convey, might take another language twice the amount. We have the expertise and experience needed to avoid unnecessary surprises.

So when you want to have a more streamlined process for your TV commercials, corporate films, IVR/Tele-on-hold-systems, e-learning, apps, and games – reach out and we will explain how a collaboration with Online Voices could benefit you.