Here are a number of frequently asked questions, FAQ, about our services. Perhaps you can find one of yours?

How soon can Online Voices deliver my recording?

Sometimes within a couple of hours! Normally, we deliver within 24-48 hours, but this obviously depends on the projects specifications and the speaker’s availability.

How do I make an order?

Contact us by filling out our form with as much information about the project as possible. What language/voice are you looking for? How long is your script and how will it be used? One of our project managers will get back to you as soon as possible, and can also give you a personal casting of possible voice selections. You can also get personal service on the chat service or by calling +46 220 77 21 00 (during European office hours).

How much does a voice recording cost?

Our prices are competitive and include everything! Our prices are based on three factors: 1. What type of voice are you looking for? 2. How long is your script? 3. How will the recording be used? For example, a 30 second IVR message with “a good English voice” will be very different than a 30 second global TV commercial with a premium voice talent. We have voice talents in most price ranges, let us know your budget and requirements and we will provide you with the most suitable voices.

How would you describe the production process?

1. You start by sending us your project details, and a brief of what kind of voice you are looking for. 2. One of our project managers sends you a quote (including voice talent fee, usage, studio and possible post production) with no hidden fees. 3. You provide us with your material. Script, pronunciation guideline, film link etc. 4. We book the voice and go over all of the instructions. 5. Recording session. We recommend you to listen in and direct to get the perfect tonality. You can easily join in via Zoom or in the studio if possible. If not, we will take care of it for you. 6. Our sound producers will go over the audio, and edit, process and mix it to your specifications. Anything is possible. 7. Delivery to you. 8. Invoicing with 30 days net payment (first time clients are asked for a pre-payment)

Can I direct the voice during the recording?

Absolutely. Most clients join us via Zoom. If you and the voice live in the same city we can arrange for you to join up in a local studio, as we have a huge list of quality partners around the world. We can also connect our studio with other professional sound studios around the world with Source Connect Pro or Source Connect Now, for a remote recording.

Can you help me with the editing of the audio?

Yes. Our sound producers can edit, process, mix and master your audio files. We also offer file splitting. Just let us know what you need. This is called Audio Post Production. You can also choose to do this yourself.

What is processing?

Just like a digital picture, you can greatly improve the sound quality of an audio file. When our sound producers process your audio file, we can shape the sound to fit your target media. We can increase the clarity, warmth and annunciation and take away breathing, sibilance or distracting noises. We recommend processing for all projects to make your project sound as professional as possible.

What sound format do you use?

All formats. The majority of our customers wants high resolution .wav files – but we can deliver sound to you in any format. We use the latest version of the most advanced software on the market, Nuendo.

How is the sound delivered?

We use Dropbox which enables us to provide you with access to your files at any time. Files can also be emailed or sent via WeTransfer.

How do I know it’s going to sound good?

Firstly, we only work with established and experienced voice talents, recording in their mother tongue (unless otherwise stated, such as English with foreign accent). We have several voice demos per voice, so you can get a good idea of how that voice will sound in different types of projects. The demos are designed to show a speaker’s voice range of what they are capable of in the studio.

What happens if I’m not happy?

Client satisfaction is our most important goal! We will re-record if the speaker hasn’t followed your instructions when it comes to tone, pronunciation or tempo. It is very important that you are as clear as possible when sending instructions, so that this situation can be avoided.

What happens if I make changes in the script?

Changes in the script post recording session will incur a cost, depending on how much has to be reread.

How do I pay?

Existing clients can pay the invoice via bank transfer, or Paypal (+4%). New clients can pay their first order securely online with VISA or Mastercard, via Nets. If you pay by credit card you will be sent a payment link and the payment process takes just a few seconds, via a highly secure server provided by NETS.

What are your terms of payment?

New customers are asked to pay before delivery. Existing clients 30 days net. Contact us if you have any questions regarding this.

What is a voice over?

A voiceover can also be known as a speaker, VO, voice actor or voice talent. In a nutshell a voiceover is a recorded voice that you hear on a radio or TV commercial, web films, e-learning, documentaries, tele on holds, business presentations, apps, audio guides etc.

Where are your voices based?

In order to have the best voices and guarantee they speak their mother tongue without an accent (which can happen after living abroad for a longer duration) we mostly use people who live in their countries of origin. However, as long as they keep their mother tongue 100 % accurate, they can live anywhere in the world.

Do you provide voices with dialects and accents?

Whether you need a regional UK, French or Spanish accent or English with a foreign accent (e.g. Chinese, Scandinavian, Latin American, etc) you can search for accents in our Voice Search. Our big bank of dialects & accents is unique and grows bigger each day. If you cannot find the accent you are looking for, don’t hesitate to ask and we will do all we can to help you to find exactly what you need.

Can my script be translated to other languages?

Absolutely! We are able to take care of most translations quickly, securely and professionally. Remember that if you want to handle the translation yourself, some languages are a lot longer than others. If you are producing a multi-language film, make sure to add time codes for the translators.

Do you create music too?

Naturally. We have a long history of composing sound identities and jingles, writing full length songs, ambient tracks etc. Tell us what kind of style you want and we will pair it with one of our musicians. Read more about how we work with music here.

What if I need an update a year later?

No problem! We have created a state of the art production system where we keep track on all your projects, recordings, usage and files. We will use the same voice, record in the same tone & tempo and mix the audio with the same settings as before.

Why should I choose you?

Try us once and we know that you will be impressed. We are serious, knowledgeable, well-organized and passionate. We know we must be doing something right when customers from all over the world come back to us time after time. Online Voices is one of the most established voice & sound production companies in Europe. Have a look and listen to some of our work.