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Podcast recording

Looking for a great podcast studio? We'd be delighted to help you through the process of recording and filming as well as editing and post production.

Podcast studio in central Stockholm

Help your audience focus on what you’re saying and don’t let them lose interest due to poor sound quality. At Online Voices, we help businesses and individuals record and produce their podcasts in our comfy studios. Always with professional-sounding results.

You and your guests can keep full attention on the content and topics, while our sound producers take care of the tech practicalities.

Our studios in Stockholm are situated just five minutes walk from Central Station. We can host up to four people with individual mics and even have other guests join in digitally while seeing them on screen. We can also film your podcast episodes with a 3-camera system and produce clips for podcast promos on e.g. Linkedin and Instagram.

Online Voices podcast services are available for hourly rental in Stockholm, Linköping, and Helsingborg. We can help you with jingles, editing & mix, intro voice overs, commercials and how to publish your episodes on major platforms.

Get in touch to set up an unconditional meeting.