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As an industry leader, our expectations and standards of quality are high. However, we welcome voice talents in all languages, and of all ages, with or without previous experience to apply. Applying and being listed is 100 % free. During our selection process, we judge a voice talent based on: vocal quality, uniqueness, turnaround times, sound quality from a possible home studio, and your previous experience.

Audio Demos

We have several categories/types of demos: ‘Commercial’ and ‘Informative’ are the main types, plus a wide range of more specific types. The more demo types you send us, the better your chances of work as we present our voices sorted by relevance. You will see the list when you apply. If you are bilingual or can record with a regional/local accent, you can add this as well. All demos sent to us should be:

– Mp3 format
– Good sound quality
– Without your name or contact details
– Preferably not longer than 30-40 seconds

Video demos

You can provide us with video clips of actual work, as files or url:s.

Media usage, terms, and conditions

Online Voices Europe AB respect the intellectual property of others and we trust you to do the same. By emailing or uploading audio or video material to us, you guarantee that you have received permission to use the content and that it does not infringe on any third-party copyright, nor contain any material that may be deemed unsuitable. Demos recorded for free by Online Voices may not be downloaded, re-recorded, copied and reused in any way by other agencies/studios/companies/private persons or AI services. We will decide who to publish and what demos we feel are suitable, with the option to edit received material. Material from this website can under no circomstances be used in Text To Speech,Speech to speech-services, or Deep Fake software.

You can ask to be removed from our listing at any time. When we cast you for a job you always have the right to decline jobs that you do not want to do. All our commercial projects are specified with usage rights which the project manager will present to you including budget before you accept any job.

Thank you,
The Online Voices team