Our recording studios

We have four recording studio locations in Sweden: Stockholm, Linköping, Växjö, and Helsingborg. We also have a huge network of professional recording studios all over the world. Our studios are available, including sound engineer, at an hourly rate.

All of our studios have excellent voice over recording capabilities and we guarantee high quality audio, regardless of location. Our studio in Stockholm has a 5.1 cinema surround sound setup, and three separate acoustically calibrated control rooms and voice over booths.

Our studios are great for voice over recordings, podcast sessions, audio editing, foley work and sound design. And when all is done, we deliver your project in your preferred format via link or we can setup a remote session (Source Connect Pro, or other similar services).

The studios are run by our experienced and versatile audio engineers. They handle the recording sessions, sound design projects and audio productions. Most of them are skilled musicians, and can help you with music composing and music casting. During the recording sessions, they can also assist you with voice directing.