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25 000 Projects & Trends for 2021

Today Online Voices reached a historic milestone, with a booking that turned out to get project number 25 000!

– We’ve come a long way since the start, says founder and CEO Kalle Widelius. Every single job from day 1 has made us better. Considering these special times and the difficult situation many people are experiencing, we are extremely grateful for having 100 ongoing projects at the moment, a new record for the company. It shows that many companies value our service, perhaps more now than ever. We see a good stream of new clients as well as new orders from our long term partners. It’s everything from online videos and e-learning to casting & recording for global ad campaigns.

What trends do you see for 2021?

1. Online videos continue to grow fast, and we see more and more clients producing their films in multiple languages.

2. Podcasts recorded in professional studios is also growing fast. These days many companies release their own podcast to show their expertise and gain loyalty. Pre-produced audio has become a great marketing tool, not just for entertainment, and then you simply can’t present yourself with poor sound quality. That’s why we are building a new podcast studio at the moment.

3. Sound Design. This is far from a new industry trend, all filmmakers know the importance. But at Online Voices, we’ve seen a big increase in 2020 for our sound design services. Clients who usually order voices from us seem to appreciate having only one “audio partner”: for voiceover, music production, and sound design. We do all three here and I am quite sure this will continue to be a trend for us in 2021.

What do you wish for Christmas?

– I say like most others, I wish to erase 2020 and for 2021 to give us back our lives the way we know it. I can’t wait to meet all my friends, family, and colleagues again. Going to a noisy restaurant and have a laugh. And also to play a lot more table tennis than lately!