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Sound design production

Sound design is the art of enhancing what the audience sees on the screen, with the help of audio. Online Voices can help you amplify your visual stories and take them to new levels by layering the ambience, background music and dialogue, all into one complete package.

We can help you create the perfect sound atmosphere, whether it’s for film, radio or video games, and we are with all the way through the sound design process. No sound is too big or too small: we create everything from epic soundscapes to intricate minute sound effects.

Online Voices has talented sound-designers with many years of knowledge and experience. This paired with tools specialized for audio post production and sound design, we can bring your projects to life. Contact us today and tell us how we can help you.


  • Sound Design for film
  • Sound Design for video games
  • Custom sound effects
  • Foley
  • Original soundscapes
  • Unique sound profiles
  • Audio Branding

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