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About us

Online Voices is a global voiceover agency and a complete sound production company. We provide clients from all over the world with "sound & voice in any language".

We offer casting, voice recording and sound design for commercials for television, radio and the Internet, information films, 'How to' guides, tele on holds, e-learning courses, apps, documentaries, audio guides, audio books, games and more. We have even recorded sound for talking dustbins and tanning beds! Our speciality is localization, to adapt media productions to specific markets. Today, we have 7 professional sound studios and numerous partner studios in all parts of the world, giving you endless possibilities.

The company was founded in 1999 and is officially registered as Online Voices Europe AB with HQ in Linköping, Sweden. VAT nr SE556677993901. Find out more about us here.

Online Voices