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Our podcast is currently only available in Swedish. 


Jenny Vinterqvist & Ola Ringdahl

#1 Jenny Vinterqvist - The AI-voice: Friend or foe?
26th November 2018

The Artificial Intelligent Voice - It's already in your smartphone. And it learns extremely fast. Is it going to be your best friend, or is it going to fool my mother that you are calling? Listen to Jenny Vinterqvist, Creative Creator at the international media agency Mindshare. She tells, among other things, about artificial news anchors on Chinese TV, how voice control can help paralyzed people move away from home and that there's only one year left until we can not distinguish a digital voice from a human.

Listen | 30 min | Acast
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#2 Linn Maria Wågberg och Bengt Sernholt - Sweden's most established voice actor
6th December 2018
We hear their voices in the lifts, on TV, in the radio and on the film screen. But who are the people behind these familiar voices? Meet Linn and Bengt - Sweden's premier voice actor.

Listen | 40 min | Acast
Listen | 40 min | SoundCloud