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Sound Design

What is Sound Design?
A film is more than just motion pictures, but on its own, it’s silent and empty. When you are watching a film, whether it’s a commercial, TV show or an instructional video, you are experiencing both visual and auditory input. Sound design is the art of enhancing the visual cues that you see on the screen with the help of audio. Together with music and voice dialogue, the total sum becomes more than its individual parts.

What is a Sound Designer's job?
A common misconception is that the audio is recorded at the same time as the video. Often, the audio is added during postproduction. This gives total control in that the viewer should hear, ranging from footsteps and passing cars to thunderous storms and vast open planes.

When done poorly, the sound design can sound muddy and lacking. Sometimes, it’s too much sound, and sometimes, it’s too little. A talented Sound designer can create beautiful soundscapes by stacking individual audio tracks and sound effects on top of each other, creating a symphony of cohesive sounds and effects. This, in combination with skillful editing, mixing, and mastering, lets the Sound designer create something, out of nothing.

How can we help you?
According to George Lucas, sound and music make up for 50% of the total movie experience, something that stills rings true even today. Adding sound-design, music and a voice over to further enhance the overall experience is commonly used by advertisement- and marketing agencies, and more and more of our clients want our help with creating sound-design for their projects.

Online Voices has talented sound-designers with the tools, knowledge, and experience to bring your projects to life, with the help of sound. Contact us today and tell us about your project.