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Our services

Online Voices is a complete sound production company. We take pride in having one of the largest voicebanks in the world. We often handle the entire process from casting voices, to translations, recording, and direction, all the way through post-production.
Copy & translation
Every great journey starts with a single step. Before you can record the perfect voiceover, you need to find the right words. We can help you to find those words that will make your script come to life.
Voiceover casting & project management
With the completion of the script, you now need someone to deliver your message. If you are having a difficult time finding the right voice, Online Voices have experienced project managers who will assist you from start to finish.
Voiceover recording
Now it’s time for the recording session. In order to ensure sublime audio quality, we have ten state-of-the-art studios and trusted partner studios around the world, all held to the same standard as our own. You can participate in the recording session in person, or remotely via Skype, phone or Source connect etc.

Audio post-production
Even the most experienced voice over sometimes needs a few takes to find the right tone. Together with our sound producers, you will choose the best version for your project. We can deliver audio in any format, whether you need it in RAW or as a finished master. We also do ADR, audio cleanup, editing, processing and mastering in stereo and 5.1 surrounds.
Sound design & music production
Most of our sound producers at Online Voices are not just great sound engineers, but also accomplished sound designers and music producers. We create original music and compositions and produce every sound imaginable from the smallest sound FX to the largest soundscape. We know, that even the smallest of sounds, can make a huge impact!