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Online Voices launch the world-unique Animal Voice Archive!


Online Voices has become one of Europe's leading voice agencies, with 5,000 hand-picked professionals in any language. In recent years we have added a regional dialect archive, an impersonator archive and an on-camera archive. Now we’re going even further! We’re casting and recording animal voices.

Today we launch the world-unique Animal Voice Archive. where you can listen to the sounds and speech of hundreds of animals. If you do not find what you are looking for then all you have to do is ask. Our staff will help you cast and record everything from parrots, dogs, cats, bats, dolphins, even moose, reindeer and insects.

"- We see a high demand for allowing animals to have greater focus in advertising and information films. Many people want to ride the huge impact of cat clips, and have started looking for different types of animal voices that they want to be able to direct how they want.  For example to be able to dub animals. Through our huge network of contacts, we have recorded hundreds of audio files and created a clever search filter. When you have found the right animal / sound, we take the animal into the studio, or go out to their natural environment and record until we get just the right take. As a customer, you can participate via link, and, as usual, we deliver the highest sound quality imaginable", says Kalle Widelius, CEO of Online Voices.

Watch the film to see & hear examples from our new animal voice archive.

Happy Easter!