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Not too British and not too American?


There are over 400 million native English speaking people in the world, and if we include everyone that understands English on a basic level, the amount surpasses impressively 1.7 billion people! Online Voices does thousands of voiceover recordings each year, with English being the second most requested language, and lately we have experienced an increased demand for English voiceovers that sound “not too British and not too American”.


Who fits the description “not too British and not too American?”

A Mid-Atlantic accent (also known as a transatlantic accent) is described as a blend between the two. With its origin in the US, the Mid-Atlantic accent was specifically created with one purpose in mind; to distinguish the educated from the rest of the population. Nowadays the Mid-Atlantic accent has rid itself of its heritage, and is just associated with a neutral tone; it stands out by not standing out.


What kind of English fits your project?

Whether you want a voiceover with a British English or an American English accent, or something in between, you should be aware of that an accent colors the script, it changes the tone and feeling of the spoken words. 

The project managers here at Online Voices have noticed an increased demand of neutral voiceovers, making the Mid-Atlantic accent the perfect choice; it allows your message to reach broader markets, in a cost-efficient way. 

The demand for voiceovers with all accents of the English language, native or foreign, is at an all-time high, thanks to globalisation and technology that connect more and more people around the world.

So, no matter what you need, you can find your next English voiceover in our voicebank!